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Commitment to quality is the single-most distinguishing feature of the services we render our customers. All our pearls are hand-selected and carefully inspected for high luster, perfect shapes, blemish-free surfaces and genuine rich colors.
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, send it back to us for a 100% refund within 60 days.
Our business is based on direct purchases/productions from pearl farms stretching from South and East Asia to the South Pacific. Our farm-direct prices avoid middleman and save you up to 80% below retailing prices without sacrificing quality.
GoDaddy® and SafeBuy™ verification, along with secure online purchasing features and a reputation for distinctive quality and integrity are precisely what distinguish DawnRose Pearls in today’s current retail market.
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Each of our products is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by one of our GIA certified pearl experts, which guarantees both the authenticity of the pearls you have received and specifications as to their quality.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls
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Freshwater Pearls & Jewellery

Freshwater pearls, born from mussels in lakes or rivers, typically originate in the regions of south/southeastern China. Amongst all pearls, freshwater pearls are the most versatile in regards to color, shape and size. Freshwater pearls are cultivated with small pieces of donor oyster tissue. And, as they are left to develop longer than any other type of pearl a lustrous orb of nearly 100% nacre is produced. The resulting high quality and affordability make freshwater pearls a mainstay in the fine Pearl jewellery market.


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Selecting a Pearl Pendant or Pearl Necklace Today: Freshwater Pearls

Choices for freshwater pearl necklaces are very extensive today. Making the choice for a pearl necklace from freshwater pearls or salt water pearls is something influenced by your own preferences of course. However, the cost as well as the various styles and colors will vary with the two types of pearls that are available.

Making a selection can be influenced by the available colors and styles or you might have a custom design in mind. As you make the choice for yourself, you can choose between different colors and sizes of the pearls such as freshwater pearls that can be suited to your needs. Because you will find that there is a wide array of styles, you want to take your time making the decision.

Sizes and colors of the pearls such as freshwater pearls influence how they are graded. Other factors will include where they were produced and the shape of the pearl. Some may be slightly elongated instead of perfectly rounded and the colors range in tone as well.

Determining which of the many choices you might make is going to be something you also may consider the cost on. The higher grades tend to be a higher price as well. However, there are a number of reasons that you might select these higher graded pearls over the lower grades.

The higher grades often have more even colors and more perfect shapes. It is important to remember that most pearls such as freshwater pearls, although they appear perfect to the naked eye, may not be perfectly rounded in shape. Additionally the slight color variations might not be noticeable to the average person.

It is common that different sizes are used for a piece of freshwater pearls jewellery today. A string of pearls can be created using pearls such as freshwater pearls that are progressively smaller from the center of the piece. Although there are some that are made with the same size pearls, usually these will be smaller pearls to make a lighter weight.

Using pearls, freshwater pearls to create a pearl necklace, freshwater pearls necklace is a common thing today. While there are a number of styles available, many people still own a single strand of pearls that they wear on special occasions. At the same time, other pearl necklaces are created using a single pearl or just a few on a longer chain.

Pearl pendants are made by placing the pearl into some type of carrier or setting. This secures the pearl into the setting which is then hung on a chain. The length of the chain used for these types of necklaces will vary based on the wearer�s preference.

When looking for beautiful jewellery, you might be considering options for pearls, freshwater pearls. You will find that there are a number of choices available today. However when you are searching for the best quality, high luster and beautiful shape, you can turn to Dawn Rose Pearls for a complete selection of great looking freshwater pearl jewellery. Visit them online today at www.dawnrosepearls.co.uk to view their inventory.

Freshwater pearls born from mussels in lakes or rivers, typically originate in the regions of south/southeastern China and Japan. Amongst all pearls, freshwater pearls are the most versatile in regards to color, shape and size. Learn more